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The Three Counties and South Wales Area is run by a council consisting of a representative from every club in the Area.

This council meets four times per year in Ross-on-Wye, and delegates the day to day running of the Area to an Executive committee consisting of a Chairman, 1st Vice-Chairman and 2nd Vice-Chairman, each of whom serve for three years. Also a Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman of Area Judges, Demonstrators, Speakers and Education committee (known as JDS&E) and the current President of the Area.

The Area also sends representatives to the National Committees for JDS&E, trading and media, which enables a two-way traffic for ideas and suggestions.

An Area Day is held annually, comprising a talk, demonstration, competitions, and sales tables. This, together with a President’s Day which raises funds for Area’s work, enables members from all parts of our area to renew and make new friendships.  

The JDS&E committee also run refresher days and training for Area tests for Judges, Speakers and Demonstrators, and competitors.

The Area regularly co-ordinates Flower Festivals in Cathedrals and other suitable venues to which all clubs are invited to participate.

A digital Area Newsletter is produced quarterly to give Club news, details of NAFAS National events, forthcoming Area events, links to competition schedules and winners,  interesting articles, quizzes, etc., and this is available to all members.

Three Counties & South Wales Area Officers 2022/3

Elizabeth Gordon

Area Chairman


tel: 01792 371222

Trish Ducker

Area President


Emily Broomhead

Area Secretary


tel: 07890 262376

Sue Blandford

JDSE Chairman


Sue Walton

Area Treasurer



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