What's on in the area

2021 Area Council Meetings


Agenda for the 62nd AGM

to be held on Friday 3rd December 2021


Apologies for Absence

Minute Silence

Adoption of minutes of the previous AGM (held via zoom 12.02.21

Matters Arising

Chairman’s Report

Treasurers Report

Adoption of Annual Accounts

Appointment of Independent Examiner

Affiliation Fees

Presidents Address

Retiring Officers – Jenny Bennett 1st Vice President and Area News Editor, Chrissie Harten Area Photography Officer, 

Leslie Kay Area Media Officer

Appointment of Officers – Trish Ducker 1st Vice President (invited)

Confirmation of Change of Officers – Trish Ducker 1st Vice President (invited)


Club Anniversaries

Retiring Volunteers

Flower Arranger Awards

Area News Awards

Any Other Business

Date of next AGM – 25th November 2022


2022 Area Council Meetings

Friday 11th February

Friday 20th May

Friday 9th September

Friday 25th November
(AGM and Christmas Demonstration)

2023 Area Council Meetings

Friday 10th February

Friday 19th May

Friday 8th September

Friday 24th November
(AGM and Christmas Demonstration)